Ultimate Kickboxing
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About Ultimate Kickboxing

At Ultimate we run various classes such as children's, mixed gender, personal training and training for the most elite fighteers which includes sparring. We also offer training sessions for various sporting clubs and for schools.

The atmosphere in the gym is like no other. No one is knocked back, with our youngest student being 5 and our oldest 60. Ultimate prides itself on the fact that we are like one big family. We encourage you to come and have a look, try one of our classes and we are certain you will love it, and soon become part of our family The first lesson is free!

Ultimate is operated by James Roesler, who has been trained by John Scida.
Morning classes and afternoon classes run from Monday through to Thursday and are designed for beginners all the way to advanced.

Over the years, Ultimate has produced many Boxing and Kickboxing champions, with many more in the making. Fitness, fun and one big family is what Ultimate prides itself on. Offering a wide range of classes such as mixed muay thai, female only classes, kids muay thai and corporate training. You will learn the art of Muay Thai, discipline, fitness and respect.